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Think-Off Turns Up Thoughts on Truth

March 7, 2017

New York Mills Regional Cultural Center 24 Main Avenue North, PO Box 246 New York Mills, MN  56567 Contact:  Betsy Roder, Executive Director 218/385-3339 or 218/298-2308 or betsy@kulcher.org www.think-off.org    www.kulcher.org Think-Off Turns Up Thoughts on Truth Great American Think-Off Essay Deadline Approaches New York Mills, MN—March 4, 2017—The X-Files character, Fox Mulder believed “The Truth [Read More]

February Thaw Makes Ice Cleats A Must For Anglers!

March 1, 2017

Hello anglers from around the world! Ice conditions around the county are beginning to show signs of decay.  Of course, we went through a tremendous February thaw last week and it wreaked havoc on the ice.  Not only did it reduce the amount of ice on most lakes by as much as 8 inches, it [Read More]

Is It Spring Already?

Wow, where’d all the ice go? This is quite the new February experience we’re having this year! I stood on the ice most of the day Monday, and more than once had to take shelter to avoid lightening strikes.  Lightening is usually more of a summer fishing threat… What are the lake conditions?  We’ve lost [Read More]

Change Is In The Air!

February 14, 2017

Good morning ice fishermen! Things are changing in Otter Tail Lakes Country!  Not only are the days growing steadily longer, but we have also been experiencing abnormally warm temps for February.  Soon, another stretch of 50 degree days will begin.  Wow!  What does this do to the ice and ice fishing?  Watch the ice, especially [Read More]

Ice Fishing For Panfish With Kids:  A Rewarding and Fun Treat

February 8, 2017

I love taking my kids ice fishing.  I love buying them snacks and juice, a cool fishing lure or two for their tackle boxes, and then heading off to the lake.  When all 4 kids are with, things are pretty intense—I’m spinning in circles trying to keep up!  The frozen lake is the best spot [Read More]