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Shallow Bay Bowfishing, LLC

14495 Co RD 4
Ashby Minnesota, 56309
(320) 828-1287


Shallow Bay Bowfishing is located in Ashby, MN. That’s just off of I-94 between Fergus Falls and Alexandria. We offer 4 hour guided night trips beginning at about sunset. Bowfishing is a unique and exciting way to experience the lakes of MN. Best described as hunting and fishing at the same time. We use a specialized flatbottom bowfishing boat to troll our way through the shallow vegetation, illuminated by 16, highly efficient led floodlights. Nightfall brings greater numbers of fish into the shallows. Aside from rough fish, we typically get to observe plenty of other wildlife that inhabit our lakes.

Haven’t bowfished before? That is no problem, bowfishing is a very beginner friendly activity, and your guide will demonstrate how to use all the equipment.

The Common Carp will be our primary target on most nights. These Carp are not native to Minnesota and our lakes benefit from their removal. They will uproot vegetation and greatly decrease water clarity. In turn, this leads to poor waterfowl and native fish habitat. Even in our relatively small waters here in West-central Minnesota Carp can grow over 50 lbs! Although carp that large are very rare, we frequently see many over 20lbs.

Groups may be up to 4 people.

Each person must sign a liability waiver.

Anyone under the age of 16 will be required to wear a life jacket.

No alcohol or intoxicated guests will be allowed on the boat.

For any questions and to book a night of bowfishing please email or call Jason at 320-828-1287.

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